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As of 8am on Tuesday, September 12th, all routes are running as scheduled except for a detour on Route 47:Lower Richland Remember we will run our weekend schedule on Tuesday, July 4th. Happy Independence Day!!!
The Comet
The Comet

Board Members

Carolyn Gleaton

City of Columbia Representative

Andy Smith

Forest Acres Representative

Joyce Dickerson

Richland County Representative

Robert Morris

Rich. Co. Delegation

John Furgess

Rich. Co. Delegation

Leon Howard

Rich. Co. Leg. Delegation

Debbie Summer - Advisory

Lexington County

Skip Jenkins - Advisory

City of Cayce

Lill Mood

Lexington County

Derrick Huggins

City of Columbia

Jennifer Harding

Richland County

Roger Leaks

Richland County

Ron Anderson

City of Columbia

Please mail correspondence to:

3613 Lucius Road
Columbia, SC 29201