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On August 21st, the bus will pull over on the side of the road during the eclipse starting at 2:40pm for approximately 5 minutes. Remember we will run our weekend schedule on Tuesday, July 4th. Happy Independence Day!!!
The Comet
The Comet


Beat The Traffic With the SC Gamecock Express

Just like the Gamecocks, our passing game is second to none – passing cars that is.

Hop on the SC Gamecock Express downtown. Not only will we drop you right at the Fairgrounds, we’ll pick you up after the game, too.

Bring your cooler, bring your friends and bring your gameday spirit on board. The only thing faster than the SC Gamecock Express is the Carolina defensive line on an opposing quarterback.

You can catch The COMET’s new SC Gamecock Express at any of the stops below. Get your $3.00 All-day pass at any of these stops or at any of The COMET’s pass outlets.

Hours of Operation:
Begins four hours before Kick-off / Stops two hours following the end of the game


  • Greene & Sumter
  • Lincoln & Blossom
  • Hamrick & Rosewood

$3.00 All-Day pass includes The COMET’s entire route system.

On Twitter @CatchTheComet and  #scgamecockexpress