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Detour Alert: The intersection of College St. and Main St. will be under construction starting tomorrow and will continue for 3 weeks. All routes that use College St. will have to shift north to Pendleton St. Transit Service is running as scheduled.
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Connection Protection Zone at Walmart in Harbison – Temporary Routing

posted by Tiffany James
June 15, 2018

Construction will begin on Monday, June 18, 2018, for the connection protection zone at Walmart in Harbison.  The entire island we normally service for 801, 82X, and 83L will be under construction including concrete for bus shelters, benches, a cart corral, garbage cans, and a sidewalk connecting the transit facility to the Walmart building.  The construction should last no more than a week unless there is inclement weather.

Here are the images of the temporary routing and the schematic of the construction:

Here are the turn-by-turns:

Outbound Inbound
START on Transit Center, Laurel side START approximately 100 feet before T-intersection
Left on Sumter St Right on T-intersection
Left on Richland St Right on Park Terrace Dr
Right on Assembly St Right on Harbison Blvd
Left on Elmwood Ave Right on Broad River Rd
Merge on I-126 West Right on Greystone Blvd
Right on off-ramp to Greystone Blvd Left on on-ramp to I-126 East
Right on Greystone Blvd Merge on Elmwood Ave
Left on Broad River Rd Right on Main St
Left on Piney Grove Rd Left on Laurel St
Right on Bower Pkwy END on Transit Center, Laurel side
Right on Park Terrace Dr
Right on unnamed road (Subway on the left of the unnamed road, Christ Central Ministry Medical Care on the right)
Right on first unnamed road (Denny’s on the left)
END approximately 100 feet before T-intersection


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