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As of 8am on Tuesday, September 12th, all routes are running as scheduled except for a detour on Route 47:Lower Richland Remember we will run our weekend schedule on Tuesday, July 4th. Happy Independence Day!!!
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Detour on Route 11: Fairfield Rd

posted by The COMET
July 15, 2016

Detour on Route 11: Fairfield Road

 Due to a bridge closure on Old Oak Dr., there is a detour on Route 11: Fairfield Rd.  During the detour the route will run along Beaverbrook Rd to Wakefield Dr.  It will take a right on Wakefield Dr. and then a left on Sharpe Rd. and continue the route.  

 The detour is shown in red on the attached, the regular route in gray.  We do not know when the route will resume normal operations.  We will give updates as more information is available. 

Detour on route 11