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Installing Benches, Shelters, & Bus Stop Signs: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know

posted by Tiffany James
July 16, 2018

1. Right-of-way is the hardest part. #SCDOT will permit shelters on state property, but without we need easements from private property owners. Power poles tell the story of where the ROW is.

2. Indemnification. In SC, governments cannot indemnify property owners. This is the #1 reason property owners say they will not grant easements.

3. Sidewalks. Absent sidewalks it is very difficult to make an ADA compliant amenity. Many places in our service area do not have sidewalks.

4. Sight distance. Shelters cannot obstruct a driver’s ability to see; if it would we cannot place.

5. Expense. Every bench and shelter must have a unique sight plan (no templates!) designed by a licensed engineer. Engineering + concrete + ADA access + shelter + bench + garbage can + construction and installation costs = $33,000 average per shelter.


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