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Overview of May 2nd Service Changes

posted by The COMET
April 8, 2016

The 101: N. Main

  • Multiple turns in the downtown to go counter clockwise made this into a 75-minute route.
  • The Orbit loop (downtown) will be reversed and the 101 will go back to 60-minutes.
  • The loop through the College Place neighborhood is discontinued.
  • The 101 will remain on North Main from downtown all the way to Piggly Wiggly where the route will connect with new Route 32.
  • The 101 leaves the transit center on the :15 and :30 of each hour.

Route 23/the 301: Farrow Rd.

  • The new 301 will loop downtown on the Orbit, and resemble the 23 until it loops the Greenview Neighborhood.
  • The 301 will leave the transit center on the :15 and :30 of each hour like the 101.
  • The 301 will serve Corporate Park Blvd 5 times per day.

Route 32: North Main/Hardscrabble

  • Will cover the northern part of former route 23 as well as the Meadowlake community and Beckman Road.
  • Route 32 will end at Hard Scrabble Road and make connections with the 101 at Piggly Wiggly.
  • Route 32 runs hourly all day.

Routes 11 and 30: Fairfield Rd.

  • Is re-consolidated into a new route still called route 11 that stays mostly on Colonial Drive (including the part between Bull and Harden) and then does the same path as 30 north of North Main Street.
  • New Route 11 runs hourly all day. Route 11 does not serve the Colony Apartments.

Route 12: Edgewood – Departure time from the transit center changes in order to interline with 34b.

Route 88: Crosston – becomes an 80-minute round trip.

The 401: Devine

  • Is shortened to end at Crowson Road and runs every 30 minutes on a 60-minute round trip.
  • The 401 makes connections with routes 45, 46, and 47.

Route 45: Leesburg-Hazelwood

  • Is the eastern portion of the former 401 covering Garner’s Ferry, Patterson, Hazelwood, Leesburg, etc.
  • This route is hourly and makes timed connections with the 401.

Route 46: Lower Richland Blvd.

  • Converts part of the route 62 flex zone to fixed-route service.
  • This 90-minute route covers Garners Ferry to Lower Richland and has a large loop including Leesburg Road, Rawlinson Road, Caughman Road, and Hallbrook Dr, and makes timed connections with the 401.

Route 47: Lower Richland

  • Is still mostly the same as it is now with the addition of a loop around Patterson, Trinity, and Greenlawn in order to serve Walmart, and the revised route also goes to Crowson to make timed transfers with the 401.