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Road Closures

posted by The COMET
October 12, 2015

Here is a list of road closures.  Our buses are not able to run on these roads until further notice.


Road Closures *As conditions change, roadways may be opened.  North Region

  1. 5000 North Main St – Sinkhole (Barricaded)
  2. 6800 North Main St – roadway washed out (manned)
  3. Sunset and River – Roadway compromised (Manned- have requested barricades)
  4. Main & Anthony- roadway compromised (Manned)
  5. Main & Sunset – Roadway compromised (manned)

Metro Region

  1. 3200 Pinebelt Rd – Roadway caved in (Barricades)
  2. 3400 Foxhall Dr – Roadway caved in (Barricades)
  3. Taylor & Williams- Manned (to block off Jarvis Klapman Bridge access)
  4. Taylor & Hampton- Manned (to block off Jarvis Klapman Bridge access)

New Metro Region closures due to closing off of intersection at Taylor and Marion

  1. Taylor Street (eastbound) remains closed
  2. 1300 Marion Street, North and South bound lanes (between Taylor and Hampton St) have been closed
  3. The parking spaces on the East side of 1300 Sumter Street and lane # 2 northbound (closest to the curb) have been blocked to provide room for the trailers that are providing service for Baptist Hospital.  This may change due to the needs of the Hospital and the equipment being used.

South Region

  1. Shop Road at S. Beltline – Structural Damage (DOT Barricade/Cones)
  2. I-77 at the Bluff Rd exit ramp – Structural Damage (DOT Barricade/Cones)
  3. 4600 Devine Street Bridge – Structural Damage (Active 10-54 by personnel (2)
  4. Jim Hamilton Blvd (West bound) – Structural Damage (DOT Barricades/Cones)
  5. Crowson Rd (small bridge leading to Marshalls) – Structural Damage (DOT Barricades/Cones)
  6. Buchanan and Beltline – Structural Damage (DOT Barricades/Cones)
  7. 4400Ft Jackson Blvd – Sink hole (Barricades)
  8. 1300 Glen Haven Dr. – Washed out (Barricades) (*NEW*)
  9. 4100 Timberlane Dr. – Washed out (Barricades) (*NEW*)

East Region

  1. 300 Spears Creek Church Rd – Washed out (Barricaded)3600 Percival to Smallwood – Washed out (Barricaded)
  2. 3600 Percival to Smallwood – Washed out (Barricaded)

West Region

  1. Lost Creek Dr – Lake Front Dr to Chestnut Hill Plantation Club (Barricaded)
  2. Piney Grove (Newnham Dr to Bonnie Forest Blvd). Bridge partially washed out (Barricaded)