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Route Detours

posted by The COMET
October 12, 2015

Here is a list of detours along our routes.

Route Detour Y/N If yes what is detour, or why not running
101 Y From N. Main, River, Clement, Duke, Monticello, Main
201 N  
22 N  
401 Y  Blocked off between Beltline & Devine thru Rosewood & Garners Ferry
42 N  
47 Y  Blocked from Chalk St. via Bluff Rd.
601 Y  Blocked from Beltline to Shop Rd.,  Bluff Rd. & Atlas Rd.
62 Y  Blocked from Hopkins Park to Bluff Rd.
63 N  
5 N  
6 N  
11 N  
12 N  
15 Y  Blocked @ O’Neal Ct. & Decker, Parklane Rd. & Two Notch Rd.
16 N  
17 Y  Blocked @ Covenant Rd. & Bethel Church Rd.
23 N  
26 N  
28 N  
30 Y  Blocked from River Dr. to Columbia College, Stanford & Woodvale
31 Y  Blocked from Main St. to Monticello & Monticello to I-20
34 N  
34b N  
55x N  
88 Not Running Sunset closed from River to N. Main