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The COMET Offers Fare-Free until Sunday, October 25th

posted by The COMET
October 16, 2015

For Immediate Release

October 16, 2015

Contact Tiffany James 864-617-8746

Statement from Brian DeQuincey Newman of The COMET

The COMET is operating on all routes except Route 88 as close to a full schedule as road conditions and emergency response will allow.

DART service is available for those with disabilities.

Additionally, The COMET is still operating a modified “Route #47: Lower Richland” on Saturday and Sunday. This is normally a weekday-only service but we wanted to be proactive in assisting this particular area. We will be posting a revised map of the detour, as these detours are substantial and are across a large area of the Lower Richland area.

We are continuously monitoring the existing detours and road conditions and will be returning to regular routes as quickly as possible. To support our community in this time of need, The COMET has extended fare-free service until Sunday, October 25th.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all affected by the flooding. We will continue to work with law enforcement and first responders throughout this crisis.