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Where is my transit stop sign?

posted by The COMET
March 21, 2017

Where is that stop?  It was there yesterday.  In fact, one sign or another has been there for twenty years.  Why is it gone now?  The answer: motorists.  The COMET is losing a stop per week, on average, to careless motorists and it can take a little time to replace them.  If you notice a sign has been destroyed, send us a note in our contact system.   That get’s the ball rolling.  Then our vendor can add the stop to the work schedule—they also pour concrete for and install shelters and benches, so they have a lot to do.  If the # sign (the black one) has been destroyed we have to reorder that too because each number is unique and has to be replaced as the same number for our technologies to work properly.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we only have a say in how our drivers drive.














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